Ulysses Essay

We are required to write about Ulysses poem.

Here is my outline:


Thesis: King Ulysses ambitious personality
trait shows powerful self-confidence, great hardship, and strong desire
describing an amazing identity, as established throughout “Ulysses”,
by Alfred Tennyson.

I. Powerful self-confidence demonstrates
extreme believe and positive outlook to enhance King Ulysses’ future.

A. Extreme believe allows King Ulysses
‘authority to sacrifice the throne.

B. Positive outlook encourages King Ulysses looking
for the new acceptable life.

II. Great hardship allow feeling sadness and irrational
uncertainty causing King Ulysses to receive an unsatisfying life.

A. Feeling sadness makes King Ulysses leaving
the home.

B. Irrational uncertainty influences King
Ulysses to think about his responsibility.

III. Strong desire need increase challenges and
proud dedication encouraging King Ulysses to start the new life.

A. Increase challenges inspire King Ulysses
to explore new adventure.

B. Proud dedication excites King Ulysses to
reject his life as king.