Unit II Scholarly Activity Digital Footprints, Communications Homework Help (500 Words)

Unit II Scholarly Activity

 Digital Footprints

 Students will choose ONE of these four scenarios to complete a paper at least 500 words in length. 

Scenarios: Choose ONLY ONE. 

Scenario 1: According to the textbook, the means by which we communicate is growing and expanding in this digital age. Analyze a digital footprint made by you or someone else, and interpret your findings. Tasks:

 Choose at least one site, such as a page from a blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or other online artifact. 

 Evaluate the message that is conveyed from what you observe from this digital footprint.

  Explain what you interpret about the target audience/users for this site.

  Based on what you find, how can you classify the person’s or organization’s ethical code or value system?

  Predict how the content enhances or degrades the person’s/organization’s credibility. How could the messages communicated on this site be improved? 

 Support your ideas with information from a credible source, such as the textbook. Include the website URL in APA style and appropriate APA style citations.

 Scenario 2: Many people have a deep desire to make a difference in the world around them by sharing their insights, experiences, lessons learned, observations, stories, or inspirations. Guffey and Loewy (2015) provide guidelines to follow to create an effective blog. Imagine creating a blog for business or personal use and consider what you would say to the world. Tasks: 

 Reveal the purpose of your blog, the blog title, topics you would discuss, the target audience, and features it would include to help maintain user interest. 

 Discuss any possible ethical issues that developing such a blog could create and how you would overcome them. 

 Predict what this digital footprint would say about you if someone else was analyzing it. 

 Support your ideas with information from a credible source, such as the textbook. 

 You do not need to create an actual blog for this assignment.

 Scenario 3: If you are against the social media and digital communication movement, this is your opportunity to express your viewpoint on the topic. Tasks: CM 1010, Business Communication 3

  Discuss possible dangers or negative effects that social media or other forms of digital communication (texting, instant messaging, etc.) could have on you personally, in your career, with family members, or on society as a whole.

 How can these forms of communication negatively impact a person’s digital footprint?

  Support your ideas with information from a credible source, such as the textbook.

 Scenario 4: Guffey and Loewy (2015) classify five ethical traps used to justify or rationalize an unethical decision. A few examples of situations that could become ethical dilemmas include reacting to office gossip, taking another’s ideas and presenting them as your own, or even telling a partial truth or withholding information. Tasks: 

 Describe an ethical dilemma (real or hypothetical) and explain what ethical trap(s) a person could use to justify an unethical decision/action. 

 What personal values would you draw from in order to handle the situation ethically? 

 Explain how this situation could negatively impact a person’s or an organization’s digital footprint. 

 Support your ideas with information from a credible source, such as the textbook.

 To complete this assignment, a minimum of one (1) reputable source (such as the course textbook) must be cited and referenced to support the work and outline guidelines on which you are basing your analysis. If analyzing a specific page, include the website as a reference in APA style with appropriate APA style in-text citations. Review the grading rubric for this assignment for further details on how your work will be evaluated. 

Guffey, M. E., & Loewy, D. (2015). Business communication: Process and product (8th ed.). Stamford, CT:
Cengage Learning.