W. L. Gore-Case analysis (Strategic Management)

For this case analysis, you will prepare a written analysis of 2 pages that uses the text and other credible sources as appropriate. Your paper should have 1″ margins, be double spaced, and use APA formats for

  • topic and subtopic headings
  • citations
  • references

Your case must minimally address the following issues / questions:

  • Determine if W.L. Gore’s business formula corresponds with the theories of the I/O model of above-average returns or the resource-based model of above-average returns. Explain your response, and outline the steps for the model that best reflects W.L. Gore’s situation. (1 PAGE)
  • Evaluate the firm’s decision-making capabilities. How does W.L. Gore locate attractive industries and select its strategic approach when pursuing promising market opportunities? (1 PAGE)