Wal-Mart’s Foundations and Current Challenges in Strategic Management,

“Real Time” requirement in the Case Summary section. Here is a rule of thumb to work with: If the issue did not occur in 2018, it should not feature in the case summary. The Case Summary should not repeat issues discussed in the case in the textbook. This means your Case Summary essay should be a 2018 update. In addition, don’t quote scholarly journal articles in the Case Summary. Typically, scholarly journal articles will not be “real time.” Moreover, quoting scholarly journals in the Case Summary tends to make students stray into analysis and application, rather than remaining focused on summary. The scholarly journal references should be reserved for your analysis and application essays. References for the Case Summary section should be current online sources. Answers must be complete with a total of 1,500 words and reference of 3 scholarly sources for the 4 questions combined.

Case Summary


In a narrative format, discuss Wal-Mart from a strategic perspective. Discuss Wal-Mart’s strengths and weaknesses? Information concerning recent changes in the firms is readily available online and should be accessed. Strategic issues should be discussed in “real time.

Case Analysis


How has Wal-Mart grown from a small region chain to the largest discount retailer in the world? How has its strategy contributed to the firm’s growth?


What challenges does Wal-Mart currently face at home and abroad in its attempt to maintain industry dominance? Is it feasible that Wal-Mart will fall from the top position in the next decade? Why or why not?



Suppose you are the manager of a small electronics store in a community of 10,000. Wal-Mart has just opened a store across the street? What changes would you make to survive—and thrive—now that Wal-Mart has come to town?