watch the video and answer the question below

Watch the video and answer the question below.

Orson Welles – War Of The Worlds – Radio Broadcast 1938 – Complete Broadcast.Link

1). What is the name of the Radio Broadcast you just experienced?

2). Who wrote or created the Radio Broadcast?

3). What year was this Radio Broadcast created?

4). What genre(s) would this Radio Broadcast fit into?

5) Cite your Radio Broadcast in MLA format or Chicago format.

6). Who would be the audience for this Radio Broadcast?

7). In your opinion: What is one of the most important scenes in this Radio Broadcast? 100 words count max

8). How many characters were in this piece?

9). How was sound used in this piece? 100 words count max

10). Did this form of entertainment remind you of podcasts?

11). What’s your opinion of the piece? 100 words max

12). How might this Radio Broadcast relate to your life in 2020? 200 word count max