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Nurses in the military health care system often deploy and so it is left for the civilian nurses to implement evidence based practice and have all the nurses buy in to the process. Another issue is military patients frequently move so getting data and research can be challenging (“Editorial: Evidence-Based Practice in the Military Healthcare System.”, 2017). On a personal note, there is a culture in the military healthcare that is like no other. Rank of the administration also plays into addressing solutions to Evidence based practice. If you or your spouse is higher ranking, addressing the issues and solutions is easier than someone who is lower ranking. Nurses deploy all the time and so it leaves the civilian nurses to pick up the slack where they are short so time constraints may be an issue. The first step to changing this issue is recognizing there is an issue and finding solutions to practice evidence based practice. The military in recent years has recognized that they are lacking in healthcare overall in comparison to civilian healthcare. deployments are not going away and military families are still going to move so the military is hiring more civilian nurses to integrate into the system. Where they are failing in that aspect is having competitive rates to attract civilian nurses. Work in progress is slow, but it is still progress.