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Nurses encounter all different types of cultures and people with different types of learning strategies. Therefore, the teaching styles versus learning styles are very difficult for the patient and the nurse. Finding out what level of knowledge a person has and what are their beliefs are important. Once you have accomplished that the next step would be to find out what learning strategy would work best for your patient. Then you could figure out what teaching strategy that you would need to use. After the nurse has established a trusting relationship with their patient they can continue to approach the teaching skills. 

It is very difficult to teach long term education to patients in Labor and Delivery because you only have a couple of days with them. If a patient came for weekly NSTs because of Gestational Diabetes a nurse would have to start education immediately. Some pregnant women with gestational diabetes do not understand the importance of keeping their blood sugar regulated once they have been diagnosed. It is important for the nurse to begin teaching as soon as possible. For example, I had a patient with this diagnosis and every time she came for a NST her blood sugar would be out of range and she was spilling glucose in her urine. I tried to explain to her that this was also affecting her baby. She was educated regarding the baby glucose being high as well. I printed out education material on gestational diabetes and how it affected baby. After she began to read the material she realized how important it was to monitor her blood sugar on a daily basis. Then after reviewing her ultrasounds over the past couple of months she began to realize that her baby was growing at a faster rate than normal. This patient had to have written material and visual to be able to comprehend the importance of maintaining her blood sugar for her baby’s well-being. 

As stated in “Nursing Credentials: Principle of Education,” teaching is an art and science in which structured, sequenced information and experiences are transmitted to produce learning. And learning occurs when a person changes behavior, mental processing, or emotional functioning as a result of exposure to new knowledge or experience. The cultural values and beliefs of learners influence the educational process and learning outcomes because they affect the learner’s thinking, decisions, and actions.