What made the “Double V Campaign” of the 1940s different from W.E.B. DuBois’ “Close the Ranks Movement” of 1918?

~Do you think these differences made “Double V” more or less successful than its earlier counterpart? Why?

~Your job is to use these primary sources to develop an argument about what made the “Double V Campaign”different from its First World War counterpart and whether these differences made it more effective. There are many ways to present this
argument. You might identify one big difference that you explain over a few paragraphs, or you might notice a few smaller differences that you explain in their own paragraphs. Neither way is inherently better than the other, nor is there one
specific answer that I’ll looking for. Instead, I want to see your ability to use evidence to make an argument. As you can see in the rubric, you’re being graded on how well you construct and explain an argument. Therefore, you’re not really being graded on what you argue, but more on how well you argue.

~All papers should be double spaced, adhere to 1inch margins around, a size 12 font in (preferably Times or Times New Roman), and should be 3 to 5 FULL pages in length. Be sure to see the “Primary Source Paper Writing Guide,” which is included in this module as well as the “Primary Source Walkthrough Video” that provides a more detailed walkthrough and commentary.All papers should use a standard font, preferably Times New Roman. The font size should be set to 12pt. All papers should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins. It is very easy to catch those of you who try and submit papers that bend these rules to hit the 3-page minimum. Please do not do that. There is NO need for some elaborate header that takes up space. Your name and a creative title for your paper are enough. Please do not tell me the class, my name, the date, and your favorite color.

4. For citation style, please see the citation section of this writing guide.
5. Per the syllabus, the papers are expected to be a full 3 to 5 pages in length. While it is
perfectly acceptable to go slightly over 5 pages, remember that being too wordy can
dilute your argument.