Who are the stakeholders involved in developing this policy, Discussion health and medicine homework help

The reading for this week addresses policymaking at the
state and local level. Locate information on a healthcare policy that is
specific to Texas – it can either be
a policy that been passed in recent years or one that is currently being presented
for approval.

 You can find
information on local healthcare policy by visiting the website for your home
state’s legislature, which is usually within the Department of Health listings.

 For instance, if you
live in Colorado, you can use the following site: https://www.colorado.gov/hcpf/about-hcpf.

Include the following information in your discussion:

Who are the
stakeholders involved in developing this policy?

Is there evidence
available that shows that residents are either strongly in favor or against
this policy? 

What do you think
will be the outcome of this policy?