write a project based on a volunteer experience, management homework help

I have volunteered on Waterfire in Providence, RI, then I have to do this project based on my experience and online research. My job was fire tender that putting woods on the braziers so that the fire would not die out. I was standing on the last boat and had to keep standing on the left side because fire tenders are also the part of the art. We have to wear all black and no pictures or words on the dressing. The event audit doc is my work on observing this event. It is a brief idea about the event and the directed work project is the instruction. If there is anything that you are confused, please feel free to ask me. I know the event is specific and I have been there, so I could help you whatever I know. Event audit is a previous project that i did. These two projects are related but not same. Please use event audit as reference but not copy from it.