write a short essay

Re-read the “Lyric Essay’ by Brian Doyle entitled “Joyas Voladoras” (link below). We read this during class this morning. This is a piece of literary art which we call the lyric essay. It is non-narrative (doesn’t tell a story), but it does have a message. What do you think Brian Doyle is trying to say here? How would you summarize his point?

Also, read the section in Black Nature that begins on p. 283 entitled “Writing Home” by Camille T. Dungy. Just read the prose introduction. Where do you find figurative language being used? In contrast, where is the language more plain and direct?

NOW, take the 12 images from our walk today, and the 6 specific memories, and shape your own essay. You do not need to use every image or memory! Where do YOU find connections between the natural world and the human world? You may want to also read the attached section of a writing book entitled “To Notice”
Since this is not an analytical essay, but rather a piece of creative writing (literary art) you have the freedom to use the “I”.
You may want to begin with “Consider the Gingko for a long moment…” and veer off into memories or thoughts sparked by the Gingko…
You may want to write about the landscape of your childhood, like Dungy does in “Writing Home”.
Be yourself, make your sentences vivid and clear. Be creative! Surprise me! You can tell a story from your life, or explore an idea that you feel strongly about. If you do have some ideas that you’re considering, feel free to email me with any questions and I can help you brainstorm.

I will give you some time on Thursday to begin shaping these essays during class.

Here is the link that mentioned at the beginning of the requirement: