Write an argument-driven, interpretive historical essay answering one of the following questions. ANTIQUITY

For this paper, we are being asked to write a interpretive essay answering one of the seven prompts provided. I have highlighted the ones that I was initially interested in writing about but have run out of time to do so. You can chose any of the following provided though. It must be 5-7 pages in length with double-spacing, 1 inch margin, and 12 point font. It is also due tomorrow, May 4th by 10pm (central time). I have attached the guidelines provided by the professor, himself. It is a very thorough guideline. He provides many follow up questions per prompt and it is not necessary to answer all of them as long as you have addressed at least one thoroughly, accurately, and in depth. It is also not required to refer to every single text we have used in class, a minimum of two is required though.

To make sure the quality of the papers is up to par, he will be looking for evidence that proves we have actually read the works. In other words, using quotes and concepts that are not the typical Wikipedia and Sparknote type.

The works we have read thus far include:

Einhard and Notker the Stammerer, Two Lives of Charlemagne

Joshua Cole and Carol Symes, Western Civilizations, Volume I (Brief, Fourth edition)

Machiavelli, The Prince

Plato, Trial and Death of Socrates

St. Paul’s “Epistle to the Galatians”

Excerpts from Epictetus’ Discourses Book 4 (attached Word Doc of exactly what we were required to read)