Write respond about Lynn Parramore’s article “Fitbit for Bosses”.

Read Lynn Parramore’s article “Fitbit for Bosses” , I would like you all to reflect on what it means to be a critical thinker and whether or not you believe Lynn Parramore succeeds at that expectation.

To do this, your task will unfold in two parts:

1. Reflect on today’s assigned readings on what defines being a “critical thinker.” What is the one thing that you think most qualifies a critical thinker? Is it the need to be unbiased? Is it the need to be open-minded? Don’t just give me a laundry list: explain to me what is the single-most important qualification of a critical thinker.

2. Then, tell me whether or not Parramore measures up to that individual qualification. Is she a good critical thinker based on your personal definition?