writing essay -04

Choose Six Vocabularies from here: https://ufdcimages.uflib.ufl.edu/AA/00/02/18/70/00001/9781616101664MitchellWEB.pdf

Choose one play from here:


    Falsettos directed by James Lapine

  • Puffs Written by Matt Cox. Directed by Kristen McCarthy

Writing instruction:

Students will see two theatrical presentations this term. For each presentation, post a 400-600 word response addressing the questions below. Response does not have to be formatted as a formal essay; response may be a list or answers to these questions. However, responses must contain correct grammar and punctuation. Question number 1 is the most important question in factoring grade.


1. What was the director’s purpose, message, or concept? (What is the point of the production? What is the director saying about what it means to be a human being living in the world today?)

2. What was the inciting incident of this play?

3. How would you describe the structure of this play as informed by course content?

4. Who do you consider the main character and what was their main goal, obstacle, and action for the whole play?

5. If you had to guess, did this actor take an internal or external approach to developing their character and, most importantly, what did you see in their performance that made you draw this conclusion?

6. What would you describe as the director’s focus for this production? What were they focusing on in the play and how did they use the elements of the theatre to tell the specific story they wanted to tell? (Remember, every play can tell more than one story. Be specific to this PRODUCTION, not just this play.)

7. How did the set, lights, and costuming choices affect the storytelling? What was the goal for the design and did they achieve their goal?

8. How did the course content on design (reading or videos) inform your viewing/understanding of this production?

9. How would you describe the performance space and the aesthetic distance in this production?

10. How did the course content on theatre history inform your viewing/understanding of this production?

11. How do you see this production being influenced by past theatre practitioners (theatre history)?

12. Discuss how this play reflects one of the four “theories” presented in class (post dramatic, feminist, post-colonial, African-American). Use vocabulary and concepts from the readings on these theories.