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  EXERCISE:  Below (next page) are five sources that
could relate to one or more of the paper topics.  This exercise is practice; you are not
required to use any of the sources listed below on your paper. For our purposes
here, each source listed has with it all the information you need for this
assignment.  Your task will be, on a separate paper, 
to put each entry into APA format for a Reference entry; then to
alphabetize the list.  The title
References will be on top the page. 
to get the punctuation correct for APA format. I will trust you, for this
exercise at least, NOT to use any online or software “gizmo”–do this
on your own.

  Notes:  Normally an author name (last name first) goes
first in an entry.  The date or (n.d.)
goes second; n.d. means no date.  If there are multiple dates, generally you go
with the most recent.  An article title
normally goes after the date and does not get italicized; and on the References
list it does not get quote marks.  The name of the journal or periodical (and
often a website name) would get italicized. A book title would get italicized.
If there is a URL (normally this is true if the source is only accessible by an
online search instead of via a database like in our Resource Center), it goes
last after the words “Retrieved by” and has no period after it. An encyclopedia article retrieved online has
a slightly different form normally:  It
starts with the article title, then the date, then the name of the encyclopedia
(in italics), and then the url last. If in doubt, use the Purdue OWL (Online
Writing Lab) as your “go to” place for how to do these; it is at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/
. In your
paper, if you use an Encyclopedia article or a dictionary article, that is
fine, but they do not count as one of your three minimum required sources.



Bonus Exercise 3 (Wk. 6 unit)  HUM112  p. 2 

Remember–each entry below is
jumbled–you must set things in proper order as per instructions above and the
APA style; and then you are to alphabetize the list and put the heading
References.  Do this on another sheet of
paper that you submit via the Week 6 unit. Read page 1 above carefully for
If in doubt, use the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) as your
“go to” place for how to do these; it is at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/  .

[side note:  Except for the “Mary Wollstonecraft”
article, all others were found by way of Strayer’s Resource Center.  The book by Wall is an eBook there.  The Britannica article was found by using the
“Britannica Online” database in the Resource Center; the other
Resource Center articles were found by simple key word search there. The Bonus
Exercise in Week 3 helps one to use the Resource Center if you still want to do
that exercise.


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