Your letter will be from either Anne Moody, Du Bois, or Malcolm X. It will be addressed to President Trump.

In 5-7 double spaced pages using a 12pt font, please answer following question to the best of your ability:

Please write a letter to President Trump (R) or Nancy Pelosi (D) as if you were Malcolm X or Anne Moody. Explain where you think the current administration and each of the two major political parties have succeeded and is headed in the right direction and where they have failed on issues related to race, class , and gender. Finally, give your strategic prescriptions on what would actions you think the next administration should take in order to level the playing field for people of color. Be creative. Do research on the agendas of both parties, as well as what they have already accomplished. Please include examples from Malcolm or Anne Moody’s lives and ideologies that explain and substantiate why they would or would not agree with either the President or Speaker Pelosi.

You must use examples from the book to support your argument and use in-text citations. APA format.

Please research policy.