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Explore “Remembering Oak Ridge” an 800-1000-word essay, reconstruct a day in the life of a patient at Oak Ridge by writing a first-person account. Imagine that you have been incarcerated there because you have been found tobe “criminally insane.” Pick the historical time period of your incarceration (e.g., in the 1960s,1980s) and flesh out the details of a typical day for you within the walls of Oak Ridge.Base your account on the details about patient lives and the institution that you learn about at thewebsite. What sorts of activities might you engage in? What treatment might you receive? Whomight you encounter (staff, other patients)?Although this is a creative essay, be sure to reference the source of the details you providefollowing the “To cite this page” instructions at the bottom of every page on the site(and formore on APA style, see below).