The Russian Threat to the Blatic States

Base on the Topic (The Russian Threat to the Blatic States).

1.      You will develop your own thesis statement for ((The Russian Threat to the Blatic States). Within your outline for their specific portion of the white paper.

 2. You will develop a White Paper outline (which must possess each individual Learner’s outline) and the working group Assertion based on the group’s overarching position as it pertains to the group’s topic.  


3.  Write an Introductory Paragraph/Assertion


4. You can view 3 of the EXAMPLES for the outline for the paper.

a.      See attached White Paper Group Outline Example V2

b.     See attached Individual Paper Outline Example Format

c.      See an example of the below White Paper assertion and outline:


Introduction & Thesis statement:  Small unit commanders will increase annual readiness training………..

Supporting topic/Level 1 heading:        Increase Funds (SFC Snuffy)

1.     Supporting Idea 1: improved physical

2.     Supporting Idea 2: education

3.     Supporting Idea 3: effective communication

Transition sentence: I will now expand on Medical Readiness and its meaning.


The purpose of the conclusion is to restate your thesis, briefly review the major issues presented in the body, and to offer a final statement of opinion or point toward future research.  IT IS NOT A PLACE TO MENTION OR STATE ANYTHING NEW!


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