(1) Craft a preliminary concept statement in which you describe a new venture idea, and (2) propose a two-test research plan for your concept (focusing on Value Proposition and Customer).

Venture Concept: Basically I want my venture concept to be about the diversity in the entertainment industry. Something like creating an app/system/organization/etc. that will help minorities break into the entertainment industry (films and all) ***Please construct it well, my professor is very specific and wants us all to be creative with our venture concept.

– OR, if there are not enough supporting details for that idea maybe a different venture concept for first generation college students (like an app providing first-gen educational and financial resources) *Not sure if this will make sense for what my professor is asking so feel free to choose with what feels more right. (I think the entertainment one but your choice)

*The full directions is in the attachment

Also, can you please help me construct a 30-second pitch for this, that will be much appreciated. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask, this project is a bit confusing. THANK YOU!!