1 page essay

Are childhood vaccinations safe for children?Your writing assignment for today is to present your opinion on this issue, and to refute counterarguments against your claim.

First you must state your claim, just as you would in an argument paper. Here are sample claims:

Pro: Vaccines should be mandatory for children because all available evidence shows them to be effective and safe in preventing disease.

Con: Vaccines should not be mandatory for children because they are not 100 percent effective and certain vaccines are capable of eliciting the very diseases they are meant to prevent.

Then, if you are pro vaccine refute these statements:

“Vaccination has long been a controversial practice, as common sense tends to warn parents against introducing an agent of disease into otherwise healthy children.”

“We know if we immunize a million people, that there will be 15 people [0.015 percent–ed.] that will suffer severe, permanent adverse outcomes and one person who may die from the vaccine.”

If you are against mandatory vaccinations, refute these statements:

“Judged strictly on the odds, it is far, far safer to immunize a child against smallpox than to take him or her in the car!”

“The truth is that virtually no credible medical authority has taken up the anti-vaccination cause.”

You may use quotes from your readings to refute these statements. If you do, cite them, in text only.

You must use this link only for the reference ( sources ) don’t use any other URL or website


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