1. What were 3 changes to society and/or culture (not music) that occurred from Classical to the Rom

1.                  What were 3 changes to society and/or culture (not music) that occurred from Classical to the Romantic periods?

How was reflected in the visual art and literature.  


2.      How was nationalism represented in music during Romantic period?


Name at least 3 composers that represented that movement and which country they were from

3.      What is the idee fixe?

4.      Name and briefly describe three forms of or orchestral music in the romantic period. Give an example of each with the name of the composer.


5.      How was the cadenza in a classical concert different from a cadenza in a romantic concert?

6.      How did opera change from the classical to the romantic eras

What is the leitmotif?

7.      How did the use piano change from classical to the romantic eras?

Name two composers /performers who specialized in piano music in the romantic period.


8.      How did the role of the U.S. in western culture and music change as the 20th century progressed?

How did technology change the way that music and art were created?

How did composers and artist react to the technological change?


9.      How did WW1 and WW2 influence and change in the the art of the twentieth century?

What new movements arose from the influence?

 How did the traditional elements of music (harmony, melody and rhythm) reflect movements that were occurring 20th century society?


Give three examples of pieces that demonstrate these changes with the composer’s name

10.  Describe 3 characteristics of music since 1945


11.  What are the two styles of atonal music? Briefly describe them.

12.  Name three American composers and briefly describe what type of music they are best known for.



13.  Name three women composer from the romantic and/or the 20th century and briefly describe what made them important figures.