2 discussion post

To receive 20 extra points, you may upload any a news story or other current representation of cultural sensitivity and spirituality/religion in the media. You will provide a short (1-2 paragraphs) but thorough summary about the story. Note: The news story may be similar or different from the discussion topic-limit one story per student. You may also earn up to 5 points if you read and respond to another student’s story. Special Notes: In order to receive credit, you must also post a direct link to the story (no cut and paste links). Yes, you can post a You tube link that covers the story; however, you must include a scholarly reference that supports the topic. It is extremely important that you follow the instructions above to receive the points.

Self Nurturing- Reflection-PRAYER

What is Prayer? Define from a scholarly source and your perspective.

What is meditation?

What are your earliest memories of prayer and/or meditation?

What is prayer and/or meditation to you? How do you pray and/or meditate?

How has your understanding and experience of prayer and/or meditation changed throughout your life?

With what forms (s) of prayer (if any)do you feel using most comfortable at home?

How do you create space in your life for prayer and/or meditation?

Remember to respond to your classmates’ posts.

Primary Post due Thursday and respond to your classmate by Friday.

Remember, you should have at least one reference in your discussion.