2-page Memo commenting on someone else’s work. Excel Tools/Tricks/Tips Critique

This is financial modeling class, I will provide an excel workbook. please write 2 pages memo comment the workbook.

answer the following questions:(I provide some tip)

What is the goal of the Excel Tips/Tricks/Tips assignment? (Better understand the excel function and lay the foundation for financial modeling.)
-Why did I give you this assignment? (Familiar with excel, know how to use function to solve financial problem)

-Which topics are covered in your colleague’s assignment?

-Are you satisfied with the level of coherence and organization?
-What problem solving skills you will develop from reading this assignment?
-What technical skills you will develop and how/where/when you will use them?
-Did you know about these functions before?

-What recommendation do you have for your colleague?
-On a scale from 1 to 10, how would you grade your colleague’s work? Why?

12pt Times New Roman, double space.