2 small class discussions

The board is a chance for you to express your own opinions and personalities, so you can go off in any direction you choose, as long as you’re clearly responding to the topic.
Do NOT attach a separate document with your comments. Instead, write/reply directly in the thread.
Always title your post with the name of the article, so people know at a glance your focus.
Feel free to post articles, images, etc. I might award extra points to clever and relevant links, and I’ve given a couple of examples in the slides that follow Stonehenge in the slideshow. But please – no tired memes or tweets, and absolutely nothing cruel or off-color.
You get an initial 5 points for writing a post on-topic (as opposed to chatting about your love life, your favorite bands, etc.). You get a further 10 points for writing a coherent and reflective consideration of the chosen topic. This initial post must be at least 220 words (add word count). Using the questions below as a jump-off point, respond to one of these assigned readings.

Discussion 1: Composer’s Neanderthal Recreation: What do we learn about the Neanderthals from the BBC article? Cite two key details, at least. And what’s your reaction to Simon Thorne’s creation? Is it music to you, and what makes it so — or not? 1.6: Simon Thorne – Neanderthal (READ / LISTEN)

Discussion 2: Mesopotamian Deep Impact! The Kofels site has long mystified geologists and historians alike. Referring to at least two details from the Nic Fleming article, describe what the event was and what the new explanation is, and state why you find it plausible or implausible.
2.6: Nic Fleming – Clay tablet holds clue to asteroid mystery (READ)