2 Student Responses ONLY: Advanced Youth Counseling 2

I need two student responses ONLY. The
initial post is finished and I have attached it so you know what my stance was
on the discussion originally. I also am providing the initial question below
for reference on what the discussion was about:

For this week’s discussion please listen to
the Jackie Flynn EMDR podcast link below and answer the following questions:

1) Provide a description about something
interesting or surprising you learned about EMDR practice with children from
Dr. Flynn

2) At the 34:35 minute mark, Dr. Flynn
discusses the importance of closing out session to make sure the client is calm
and ready for the rest of their day. Please list and describe two
grounding/calming strategies you can use with a client.

Please respond thoughtfully to two of your
peers about each question.

Please respond to at least two of your
peers with 2-3 paragraphs for each student (2). Each paragraph must be 5+
sentences. APA. No cover-page. Single-spaced. You can use scholarly sources or
the book for references. This is for a clinical mental health counseling major
in the US studying to be a therapist, which is different from a psychologist or
psychiatrist so write accordingly. My professor also likes if you include
critical thinking questions in response to the student’s response. Below is my
initial post plus the two students to respond to.

Here is the video the discussion referred to: