2000 words software engineering

As a student at MU, choose one of system that you frequently use out of those listed below. Identify some problems that you are unhappy about with that system. These are the suggested systems

  1. Marynet student for class registration
  2. Marynet system for Tuition bill management and payment
  3. MU Alerts management system for students, faculty and staff
  4. MU Online meal plans management system for students
  5. MU Ballston Center Printing Stations for students’ mobile devices
  6. Seek my approval if there is another system that you prefer to work on for this project


  1. Prepare a problem statement describing the problem, which selected system will address
  2. Identify functional and non-functional requirements that will be used to solve that problem.
  3. Use the input-process-output approach to analyze the requirements in 2 above.

Below is the rubric on how the report will be graded



Project name or title


Properly written report without grammatical or spelling mistakes


Coherent report


Structure of the report


Technical Requirements

Clearly defined problem statements


Functional and nonfunctional requirements are identified and properly described


input-process-output approach is appropriately applied to functional requirement