2Case Study

Two Case study (listed below)

Case study 1 from Chapter 10: How Sephora Creates Beauty Across Brand Touchpoints

Case study 2 from Chapter 12: Growing the Audience for Hamilton

Two Case study required: Answer the questions thoroughly. Use information from the text to bolster your arguments and justification. Your response should be approximately 1-2 pages doubles paced.

Content: The essay answers the question clearly with sufficient explanation. It reflects original thought, sound logic and provides ample supporting detail, which needs references and citations. This will make for a strong, convincing response. The writer projects a consistent and mature voice throughout the response.

Presents Specifics from the Applicable Chapter/Content: The essay provides multiple references to specific information presented in the chapter and/or learning materials.

Sentence Structure, Grammar, Mechanics, and Spelling: All sentences are well constructed and have varied structure and length. The author makes no errors in grammar, mechanics, and/or spelling

The format for this needs to be either MLA or APA (just be consistent in choice of format).