3-4 Page Reflection Essay about English Class. Very Easy

The final Essay will be a 3-4 page, MLA formatted course reflection with in text citations. In this essay, you will reflect on what you’ve learned in this course and what you’ll take with you into more advanced study and your professional lives.

Begin with a “Big Idea”: Your Main Claim: By now, you know that whenever we write academically, we have to begin with a main claim or a strong organizing main idea. These”big ideas” focus our essays.

Introduction Paragraph:

The introductory paragraph will provide necessary context for your main claim. It should draw the reader in with an engaging opening. This essay is not argumentative, so you don’t need to introduce authors at this stage or present opposing sides, but you may choose to introduce one or more authors if they help you provide necessary context for your main claim. Mostly, you’ll want your readers to understand why this big idea is important in strong academic writing. The introductory paragraph will logically lead to and include your main claim.

Body Paragraphs:

In the body of the essay, you’ll support a minimum of THREE subclaims. Each body paragraph should begin with a subclaim. EACH subclaim must be supported by a minimum of ONE CITATION (direct quotation or paraphrase with an accurate in-text citation) from our class materials (no outside sources). Overall, the essay MUST include FOUR different authors or sources. I have provided the sources for you already.

Concluding Paragraph:

In your conclusion, you’ll examine how the big idea of the essay and the related skills, concepts, or attitudes will help you in your later classes and/or professional lives.


You are required to use a minimum of FOUR DIFFERENT sources in the essay and a minimum of ONE citation in EACH body paragraph. All of the documents I provided are the sources that must be used in the essay.