Discussion 1:

In the following video, Hannah Fry discusses the basic elements of the mathematics theory and her tips for finding love. Can a healthy marriage be predicted? Can a divorce be predicted? What are the components of a successful marriage?

In addition to the video, review Sternberg’s Love Triangle Theory in your textbook. Complete the following inventory. Discuss the Love Triangle Theory and the validity of the scale.


Note: Cite the references using APA documentation style. Minimum 100 words.

Discussion 2:

Describe the Sandwich Generation. What are the advantages and disadvantages to all three parties (children, middle adult manager, elderly adult)? Who is most likely to be caught in the middle of the sandwich? View the YouTube videos below for guidance.

    Discussion 3:

    What happens to our brain as we age? What is dementia? Is it a necessary part of the aging process? Is Alzheimer Disease typical of late adulthood?

    In addition to your textbook, view the YouTube videos below in order to respond to the questions above.