3 page response essay

Assignment: Write a 3-page essay answering the questions below. Your essay must go through each of the 3 stages of decision making. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, double-space.

This is an essay. You may use headers to answer each question, but your answers need to be in paragraph form.

Note: A title page does not count toward the 3-page minimum and is not needed.

This assignment is due Sunday, October 14 by 11:59 pm to Blackboard.

Worth 100 points.

1. Can you legally run the story about Modulo’s problems at UCLA? Explain why or why not?

2. Should you run the story? What are the ethical issues to consider when deciding on whether to run the story?

Also, be sure to apply the “Three Stages of Ethical Decision Making” in your essay as you examine the situation.

Who could be impacted by a decision to run the story? Who could be impacted by a decision to not run the story?

3. As news director it is your decision. What would you do, run the story or not run the story?

4. Why? (What is the justification for your decision?)