3 pages double space size 12 Roman time. Article use should be peer-review. No .com web allow to… 1 answer below »

3 pages double space size 12 Roman time. Article use should be peer-review. No .com web allow to use. Due Friday July 24, 2015.

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Research proposal topic

The impact of parenting styles on children’s cognitive development.

** Writes a research problem and research question to guide a research proposal, writes the research question in a clear and concise manner, and defines the terms used.

** Describes the topic of a research proposal in a clear and complete manner.

** Explains why the research topic is important to research in a compelling and comprehensive manner.

** Describes a specific psychological theory related to the particular research proposal, and explains how the theory relates to the research proposal.

** Provides a strategy for identifying literature related to the research proposal. The strategy is relevant to the research question.

** Writes coherently to support a central idea with no errors of grammar, usage, and mechanics as expected of a psychology professional.

** Successfully implements proper APA formatting and style throughout the assignment.

Make sure you complete the following:

*Provide a research problem and research question that will guide the research proposal. The research problem and research question should be applicable to your particular area of interest.

*Describe the selected topic briefly. This description should be brief but specific enough to present an overview of what your proposal will cover and allow the instructor to assess the acceptability of the project.

*Describe why this topic is important to research in the context of current literature on the topic. Provide supporting information as to why this particular topic was chosen for the research proposal.

*Identify and describe a specific psychological theory or theories, related to the chosen topic, which serves as the foundation for the proposed research. State the theory and describe how this theory pertains to the proposed research.

*Include a literature search strategy that allows you to identify literature related to a research proposal.

Make sure you write your topic paper in third person. Do not use personal pronouns in your paper. Even though you have an interest in the topic and a passion for the research, it is not about you. The goal is adding to the fund of knowledge available on this topic in the profession.