3 pages essay 023

Select Six Objects

Using six objects of your choice from any art collection in NYC (MoMA, the Whitney, the Met, the Frick.) create a virtual tour. You can focus on one museum/collection exclusively or choose a selection of works from several of them. The tour should have a title—it’s up to you to determine the theme. The six objects on your tour can be in ANY medium, from ANY time period or culture, but should respond to the overall tour theme. Choose carefully, as the selection of objects will be essential to the success of your presentation.

The theme of your tour can be anything you choose, but keep in mind that the ultimate

goal is to provide your classmates with a cohesive narrative told through the specific works of art that you have chosen. For example, you can organize the tour around different figurations of the human body; violence in representation; the varying ways in which the virtuosity of the artist has been expressed; the changing relationships between tradition and innovation, etc. But you should come with the theme based on your interests! All of the works you choose must address the overarching theme of your tour.


You should mark where these artwork(6 objects chosen) come from((MoMA, the Whitney, the Met, the Frick,.)