4 page Assignment

Global Sourcing Decision Case Study (Garland)

In this assignment, you will analyze sourcing alternatives and make a recommendation to management. You will consider potential risks and total cost of each alternative.

Review Case 5-2, “Garland Chocolates,” on pages 126–128 of your Purchasing and Supply Management textbook.

Complete the following:

  • Write a 4–page (cover page and reference page not included in page count) paper that addresses the following points:
    • Analyze Shanti’s two alternatives—whether to follow a global insourcing or outsourcing strategy. For each alternative, address the following:
      • What are the potential benefits and risks?
      • What are the mitigation strategies?
      • What are the total costs?
    • Make a clear recommendation to management about which alternative is the best one to select. Provide rationale that is based on your analysis.
    • Introduction and conclusion required

As you complete your assignment, be sure your paper meets the following guidelines:

  • Written communication: Written communication is free of errors that detract from the overall message.
  • APA formatting: All resources and citations should be formatted according to current APA style and formatting guidelines.
  • Length: 4 typed, double-spaced pages.
  • Font size and type: 10-point Arial.
  • Refer to the attached scoring guide to ensure you meet the grading criteria. When your paper is complete, submit it in the assignment area.