4-paragraph essay between 450 and 600 words

the articles that we read so far: “The State of the World`s Health,” “Anatomy of a Nutrition Trend,” “A Healthy Lifestyle Can Reduce Fatigue, Boost Energy, and “Bad Food? Tax It and Subsidize Vegetables.”For this essay you will be required to include at least 1 quote (maximum 2) from the readings in your essay and write a full 4-paragraph essay between 450 and 600 words.

Our first reading discussed reasons why we should stay healthy and gave reasons why people are not healthy. The second reading explained the influence of media, friends and family, experts, and trends on our health choices. In some ways, the information we receive from these sources help us, but in other ways it can confuse us. The third article explains why, but mostly how to stay healthy. And the last article suggests a solution for improving the health of Americans by taxing “bad foods.”

Based on what you have read in the articles and your own experience/knowledge, do you think it is a good idea for government to regulate the food we eat by taking actions like taxing food? If you think about his question, you will likely do well on tomorrow`s in-class.