5 Case Studies, Psychology assignment Homework Help

five of the case studies listed (choose
between number 12-25 only) in pages 285–289 of the PDF (PDF is uploaded to see the case studies, for the BACB guidelines,
and BACB Disciplinary and Ethical Standards).

Answer each question
with a full response regarding how
you would respond as per the BACB guidelines and the BACB Disciplinary and
Ethical Standards.

a.  For each response, include the BACB guideline number(s) that are relevant,
as well as the ethical principle(s) involved.

b.  How would you respond in a manner that complies
with the BACB guidelines?

c.  Discuss any ethical,
legal or sociocultural issues of importance within each of the 5 studies you chose.

d.  Provide details
regarding the steps that you would
take to ensure that there is no bias
in your treatment of a client.

Each response to the case studies should be 1–2
pages in length (
double spaced).

a.  APA style is required for this Assignment.

b.  Include a clear
introduction and conclusion.

c.  Recommended page length 8–10 pages.

d.  APA style including a title and reference page
(no abstract is required).

For each case
study I want it outlined as followed

a.The case study (for
example, if Case Study 12 was chosen, the heading should be “
Case Study 12” because its the 12th question on the PDF. Then summarize
the study beneath the heading) For instance, start the section off by saying, “This
case study can be found on page (pg. #) of the Ethics for Behavior Analyst 2nd
Expanded Edition. This study touches basis on a BCBA that has been supervising
a ABA education program for 6 months on a 3-year-old boy with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). The parents of the boy are recently divorced and the BCBA has
worked with the mother who participates in ongoing parental training in home
and knows only the mother’s perspective in regards to the home situation.
Though the mother participates in parenting training she lacks skills to manage
the child. The BCBA has only met the father once and the father and his new girlfriend wants to obtain custody of the child and discontinue ABA services
all together even though the services are crucial to the child’s care. The BCBA has been
subpoenaed to testify in court for whom she believes will provide a better home for the
child but does not feel comfortable commenting on or recommending custody to
the father even though the mother lacks the skills to manage the child”
(Bailey & Burch, 2011).
(After this go into the other sections listed below).

b.  Full response with BACB guideline number (How
would you handle this situation per the BACB guidelines and BACB Disciplinary
and Ethical Standards)

c.  Ethical principles

d.  Legal Considerations (if any) if there are none please state there are no legal
considerations, but there are almost always legal considerations when you are working with children

e.  Social Considerations (if any) if there are none please state there are no social

f.  No Bias Treatment (How you would ensure there is no bias in the treatment?)