Topic Statement

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There are plenty of case studies and material regarding the TJX breach that occurred in 2007. “In January 2007, TJX reported that it had suffered from a computer intrusion. The company was not sure of the identity of the perpetrators nor of how many customers were affected. A deeper analysis revealed that the intrusion had started earlier and affected more customers than previously thought. Ensuing investigations concluded that TJX was collecting unnecessary information, keeping it for too long and employing obsolete and insufficient safeguards. TJX denied any wrongdoing but implemented most of the recommended remedies to strengthen their security,” (source: CasePlace.org). (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.


  • Based on what we have covered in this course, and upon any number of resources that you might find and cite, what went wrong?
  • Based specifically on the TJX breach, what should others do to avoid the same fate?
  • Do you think the business community at large has learned anything from that breach?
  • How do you think such a breach would be handled any differently now (in North America).
  • Do you think the breach would be handled any differently in other areas such as Europe, China, Australia, Brazil, etc.?

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