According to the provided article “copy, a brief history”, make a powerpoint of the speech and provide the speech draft

Make a speech based on the content of the material. The content of the speech is not a summary of the reading material, but a discussion frame. This framework includes an overview of the main issues in the reading material, examples from the media or observations from individual experiences or research. The purpose of this presentation is to facilitate class discussion and lead to a critical understanding of the subject. You can show relevant pictures and play a short video.

This speech takes about ten minutes, so adjust the content according to this time.

At the end of the speech, ask two questions about the content of the speech, preferably that is interesting and engaging for the audience to discuss.

I hope the content of the speech can be simple and easy to understand. So, please make this speech a little more interesting to attract the audience’s participation.

The final product is a speech script and related powerpoint.