Add to Marketing Plan

This is a continuation of a Business Plan. This part is to add to the Marketing Plan section of the paper atached below. It needs to have all the subheadings listed below. The innovation idea and company have already been created. This is part one of the paper. First part is the literature review portion, I have attached a word document of the instructions. The person I choose, will continue the paper weekly for the following 6 weeks.

Fortune 500 Company: EXXON Mobil

Location: Riverside, CA

Innovation: A mobile fuel subscription service that will fuel your car while at work, home, or any location. Customers can schedule appointment by phone call or phone App. On top of the mobile fueling, each visit will check the customers, air pressure, and make sure fluids are top offed.

Marketing Plan:(defining the product, defining the customers, selling prices, market
placing/segmentation, promotion, follow-up plan, and expert advice). Use for more information

◉ What is the competitive advantage that this business will create?
◉ Major characteristics of the target market (what does the customer look like?)

◉ What is the demand of this target market?

◉ Nature of the competition?

◉ What are total sales to this market in geographic area?

◉ What are total sales expected in five years? In ten years?

◉ What percentage of this demand does this business expect to capture?
◉ What are the four P’s?
◉ Overall marketing strategy
◉ Specific marketing mix

◉ Strengths and weaknesses in ability to satisfy target market needs

◉ Communication plan internally and externally

◉ Channels of distribution

◉ Sales strategy (Customer Relationship Management Program)
◉ Product and service cost