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In our Unit 6 assignment, you will examine how ethics, communication, and diversity legislation have impacted three large companies, and compare and contrast diversity legislation that is designed to protect against workplace discrimination.

Assignment Details:

Write a 1,200-word paper.In your readings and videos this week, many companies were highlighted as case studies.You are welcome to use those companies for this paper or research others.

Chose 2 companies, and for each company answer the following question:

  • How has ethics, communication, and diversity legislation impacted the company?300 words or more for each company; 600+ words total.
  • Name one diversity law or piece of legislation. How effective has this legislation been at eliminating discrimination from the workplace?300 words or more for this response as well.

Submission Requirements:

  • APA format is required, which includes:
    • Title page
    • 12pt. font in Times New Roman and double-spaced
    • Reference page, with in-text citations
  • Entire paper length should be 1,000 words or more; the answer to each question should be over 300 words each.
  • Include an introduction and conclusion (included in word count!)