an english essay needs to be written

Once more you must develop an essay, that argues an arguable viewpoint, and analyzes it methodically. Use only the two plays by Ibsen and Shaw for pulling out quotes for your viewpoint; do not use any quotes from James Joyce’s stories. I know we haven’t had face-to-face contact about these two writers, but hopefully you have read them, and the notes I provide in the Announcements can certainly help for a start.

The first draft should be completed by Thursday, 04/30. It must contain an introductory paragraph, four analytic paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph. These six are the minimum number of paragraphs; you may have more analytic paragraphs than merely four. This first draft will earn you a possible ten points. The second draft, due five days later on May 5, will earn you the second number of points, altogether culminating in 20 points.

The essay processed with 12 font, Times New Roman or Calibri and with double-spaced lines and one-inch margins. This first one must also exceed at least three pages (there is no maximum length).

The second draft may be a longer or even a little shorter (though it must still exceed three pages). Most importantly, your second draft must clearly demonstrate revision (in other words, pencil or ink markings and comments must be on the first draft). Even if you miss having demonstrated a complete draft for Thursday’s class, your essay will not be accepted unless it contains a completed previous draft, which demonstrates revision (in other words, pen and ink changes on it).

You will be citing sources and you must do so appropriately as well as provide an appropriate works cited at the end, according to MLA format.

Your essay should contain at least four analytic paragraphs that offer quotes from the play (or plays) we have covered with this class. You may include personal experience and/or use outside sources, but ensure that neither will consume more than one paragraph (at most) of your paper and also not infringe on the minimum four analytic paragraph requirement (and, as I said, if you can offer more than just four, then do so).

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I hesitate to provide prompts, but in this case I will. You might want to consider these possible suggested approaches:

–Argue how either A Doll’s House relates a need to think beyond concerns for social norms and social roles.

–Ibsen’s A Doll’s House has been called an attack on the institution of marriage. Argue what you think it shows we must avoid for a marriage to succeed.

–Bernard Shaw, like Bertolt Brecht, viewed that it is more important to get audiences to think than to feel. Choose an issue (war, love, western religion, poverty, etc.) and argue your viewpoint using statements from Don Juan in Hell.

Do not feel these prompts are required; they are suggested only. If you can specify or augment them better, then do so! Good luck.