an essay about our company (Wells Fargo Bank)

For this assignment, each team will consider the impacts of financial management and how it practiced or applied elements of “Finance” in making capital budget and other business decisions in efforts of increasing shareholders wealth through the price of stock.

Before you begin this assignment, you are required to review at least 3-4 articles. Also, you are expected to cite and reference the articles to support your position. Take a position regarding the actions of the organization your team chose to discuss.

Based on your understanding of “Finance”, explain what are your thoughts in relation to the management, financial trends, or issues surrounding the company/organization?

Based on the company/organization you selected, provide background information of the company/organization (e.g. history, type of business, business functions). Explain whether the current structure of the company/organization is the best structure for the company/organization to make sound financial decisions.

write 5 pages

The grading criteria:

  • Team provides a good description of its selected organization/company and provides some background information. Present some examples and resources to support findings. 10 points
  • Team provides good description of the current management structure and how financial budgeting decisions are made. Take a position regarding the practice of financial management. 10 points.
  • Team provides good explanation of whether the current organization has made favorable management decisions and what impact have these decisions and actions made regarding the stock price. 10 points
  • Critical thinking, written delivery style and grammar, and appropriate documentation of evidence. 10 points.
  • Creativity/ Class Presentation to explain and summarize the company/organization’s strategy in delivery of products and services to its customers. 10 points.

Our company is (Wells Fargo Bank).