Analyse the discourse around mental health. Are mental disorders still taboo? How is this topic… 1 answer below »

Analyse the discourse around mental health. Are mental disorders still taboo? How is this topic treated in the media?
You can either use Australia or another country as a case study and research how international communication impacts developments in this country, or you can compare discourses about mental health in two different countries. Make sure you introduce a clear definition of taboo.
In either case, discuss how political and cultural changes impact public opinion. Identify sources of influence that may change attitudes towards mental health issues such as anxiety and depression, bipolar disorder or schizophrenia. References should include sources on taboo, on regulations, possibly social media and media campaigns.
Instructions for Essay Writing-
1. Please write an essay 2,500-3,000 words
2. Referencing Style should be Harvard Referencing Style
3. Make sure that you have covered all the required aspects of the essay topic. If there are specific questions asked, make sure that you have answered them all.
4. Expression: Take special care to express your ideas as clearly and concisely as possible. Write complete sentences and keep them as short and succinct as possible and DON’T REPEAT SAME SENTENCES AND USE PROPER GRAMMAR
5. Margins: All margins should be at least 2.5cm wide. The left margin is often wider, to allow space for binding and/or marker’s comments.
6. Line spacing: Word-processed and typed essays should have double-spaced lines, for clarity and to provide space for marker's comments. If you are using a small type face, 1.5 line spacing is OK.
7. Page numbers: should be on all pages
8. Relevance: The content of your essay should be relevant to the question or problem you've selected. Don't include material not directly related to it.
9. Well-informed: Your essay should be well-informed. Different tasks and different disciplines require different amounts of reading. Make sure you know how much and what type is required and that the reading you do is thorough and careful.
10. Your own thinking and your own words: Familiarity with the literature is essential but not sufficient. Your essay must be based on your own thinking. We don't expect you to come up with original insights at this stage of your studies, but we do expect a serious effort to evaluate how the readings bear on the problem. Think for yourself and say what you think. By this we don't mean to encourage rash, unconsidered statements.
Organisation: Your essay should be constructed in a way that shows the logical steps in your argument, with data from various sources being brought in as appropriate