Analysis of a case study and theoretical applicationAssignmentDue dateWeighting1. Essay19/

Analysis of a case study and theoretical application Assignment Due date Weighting 1. Essay 19/08/14 30.00% Watch the case study on YouTube carefully: You are required to analyse the case study in terms of: The type of crisis this is, supporting your conclusion with discussion provided by the literature on types of crises (about 100 words); The approach taken by 99p Stores owner, Hussein Lalani, in dealing with this crisis using Coombes’ crisis response strategies by posture (about 800 words); and Select a theory that you think can provide the framework for the case, justifying this selection with discussion of the theory (about 800 words). Type of crisis We will be looking for more than a bald statement on which type you think this crisis is. You need to look at the characteristics of each type of crisis and DISCUSS those that occur in the case study using the literature to support your discussion – this will then enable you to draw a well-rounded conclusion on the type of crisis that applies here. Approach by posture In your analysis of the Coombes approaches by posture, you will discuss at least three approaches and their features and then discuss which of these features appear in the case study. At the end of your discussion, you will be able to conclude which of the approaches was used. Again, we need to see the thought processes you used to reach the conclusion, and to see you using literature to support your argument. Selection of a theory Choose one theory that you think reflects the progress and outcomes of the crisis and, using the literature, discuss the theory and its components. We expect to see more than one or two paragraphs in explanation of the theory! You then need to draw parallels between these components and what occurred at 99p Stores in order to justify your choice of theory. This is an essay, so use an essay introduction and conclusion. You should also use at least eight sources from the course materials, library and/or the library databases. Emerald, ScienceDirect and Ebscohost are particularly helpful in the crisis communication area. As you are nearing the end of your second year in public relations, you should also be paying attention to your grammar and spelling. Please note that spelling mistakes and typographical errors will incur penalties. Grammar errors will be noted on your paper by the marker and an explanation given, but marks will not be lost this time. You MUST read your marked papers in order not to repeat mistakes in future. The following marking criteria will guide you in your assignment progress. It is advisable to use the marking criteria to develop the structure of your paper.