Analysis of a topic related to violence.

Analysis of a topic related to violence, ex. Intimate partner violence, child bullying, etc.

Topics covered in the course; genocide, racism, sexual violence, public violence, etc., and write an analysis paper that a) synthesizes the scholarship on the topic so far, b) critiques that scholarship, and c) propose your own ideas on how the violence might be reduced. You can use case examples to illustrate your ideas; however, this is not a case study. The focus must remain on the theme you choose. The guidance on academic sources specified above for Paper 1 also applies. The paper should be 15 pages long (masters and certificate students)

All written assignments will be in Word, Times New Roman 12- pt. Font. APA citations will be used, reference pages required, and pages will be numbered. Your papers must have an introduction, main body, and conclusion. You must establish the paper’s structure in the introduction and make it explicitly clear to the reader what you will be arguing, analyzing, critiquing, and the goals of your paper. You must use the conclusion to synthesize all arguments, findings and provide a brief overview of your paper’s content.

Section Required Texts and Material:

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Understanding an analytical framework to explore violence and historical perspectives.
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Byrne & Carter article
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