Answer 3 questions in 2 pages

Once you have reviewed each of the below, for your homework assignment I want you to submit answers to the following questions:

  • 1) Which points stood out to you the most in each chapter? Discuss one from Chapter 6 and one from Chapter 7.
  • 2) How is your credit IQ? What are your plans to improve it (or perhaps help someone you know improve theirs)?
  • 3) What would be the best advice you would give someone who is “shopping around” for a credit card?

In Chapters 6 & 7 be sure to read:

Ch 6:

Ch 7:

  • The “My Life” sections in Chapter 6.
  • Financial Planning for Life’s Situations: The Five C’s of Credit (p. 207 in 11th edition or p. 197 in 12th edition), New Credit Card Rules (p. 218 in 11th edition or p. 207 in 12th edition), What’s your credit IQ? (p. 258 in 11th edition or p. 246 in 12th edition)
  • All of the “Smart Money Minutes” sections in each chapter
  • Take note of helpful Exhibits 6-3, 7-3 and 7-4.