Answer four questions about supply chain management.

Answer each question THOROUGHLY. Spelling, grammar and style are important. Creativity and reflection are key to successfully answering these questions. Specific examples are expected.

  1. You are asked to report to a conference room where an important customer meeting is being held. You walk in, and the president of your largest customer is there. Your CEO introduces you as the Manager of Supply Chain Operations and asks you to describe your supply management philosophies. What do you say?
  2. Discuss the importance of supplier performance in end customer satisfaction.
  3. You are the CEO of your own toy company. Your business is expanding and you realize that it is time to hire a supply chain manager. What quantitative and qualitative traits would you look for in hiring for this important position? Write the job description that includes these traits.
  4. How has technology affected the role of the supply chain professional? Is it a positive or negative change? Be specific.