answer the questions 560


Then answer these questions and conduct research if you cannot answer them from the film. Include as much detail as is needed to answer the entire question.

1) Where is the California Floristic Province located?

2) What is the California Floristic Province?

3) What does endemic mean?

3) What has allowed for the high biological richness and endemism in California?

4) What makes the CA Floristic Province so unique?

B.Visit the California Fish and Wildlife website and locate the California Wildlife Habitat Relationships System part of the website ( Then answer the following questions:

1) What is the CWHR system?
2) How many habitats are described in California?
3) What are the 6 main categories? What is the most dominant category?
4) Make a list of your favorite two habitats for the 5 MAIN (excluding non-vegetation) CATEGORY (Total of 10).
5) In 2002, marine and estuarine habitat classifications were created. Go to the website you stared at and scroll down to the Marine PDF. How many are there?
6) Make a list of your favorite two marine habitats.
7) Go to the bottom of the CWHR system page and research each of the following habitat classifications by clicking on the PDF link (text account): Saline Emergent Wetland, Perennial Grassland, Annual Grassland, Valley Foothill Riparian, Valley Oak Woodland, Coastal Scrub, Redwood, Coastal Oak Woodland, Sierran Mixed Conifer, and Joshua Tree.
8) For EACH habitat type listed in question 7research the following: bioregion found in, climate type, any geological features, plant specialties, animal specialties, and any environmental issues.