answer to this discussion prompt. And write replies to these comments (I have one, I’ll send you 2nd.)

Write your reflection on course:

What was the most interesting thing you learned from this course?

What was the hardest thing for you in this course?

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the course?

Comment 1

I enjoyed this class. We learned a variety of things within the topic of Chemistry, and it was quite interesting. One of the most interesting and useful things I learned in this course was the naming of compounds. I believe that will help me in my future career as a registered nurse. One way we can improve the course is by watching more entertaining videos and to be able to hold on to a model of an atom. I believe that seeing a model of the atom will help us get a better understanding of the placements of all the components of the atom. I also feel like we can have more interesting lab activities. Unfortunately, we lost out on some lab time due to the lock down of the city. However, more interactive experiments in lab can make it more interesting. Overall, it was a great class.