Anthropology – Ethnographic Research Project

Ethnographic Research Project,

This ethnographic research/project will consist of a 6 page essay, excluding the cover page and reference page.


The essay will be based on “A comparison of study techniques in bilingual students vs. Monolingual students. You will examine the social and or cultural issues of this topic, through conducting participant ethnographic observation and recall these field notes during your observation.

Focus on how bilingual and Monolingual students study; make note of the differences and elements which range from male to female. Explain through your research the interactions or behavior of Bilingual and Monolingual students

Your report should focus on three or four important “points”

Research Method
Ethnographic Observation

  1. Three different public spaces
    > Classroom Setting
    > Library
    > Dorm room
  2. You should take at least one hour for each observation session.
  3. Make detailed notes on both the ethnographic frame

Writing up the Results

Feel free to be creative in the writing up of your findings, but there is a specific format for this assignment, and you should include the following:

  • An Introduction: that lays out where the paper is going and what the main points will be

The Study :

> Does a bilingual brain, process linguistic information and study strategies differently, even when a bilingual is only using one language? In comparison to a Monolingual’s brain and how it linguistically process information alongside their study strategies.
– Question, if it’s possible that early dual-language exposure can positively affect the Cognitive strategies, and metacognitive strategies that renders the process of which students essentially base their study techniques on.

Method/ Methodology

This section must explain how exactly you conducted your research. List all the tools you used and tell your readers why you choose them. Your methodology has to be detailed, and even the number of people you questioned needs to be mentioned(4). Your main goal is to describe your research in such a way that any reader who wishes to verify the information you used won’t have any trouble finding it.

Presentation and analysis of collected data

  • Include two tables Cognitive Strategies and Metacognitive strategies to support your findings. The tables should show 4 unidentified persons who have been observed on the basis of your analysis (Bilingual and Monolingual study strategies).

Start with presenting the data collected during your research. Remember that all the important facts need to be presented in a logical order that will highlight connection between them. Once the data is presented, you need to analyze and most importantly interpret it.
Be sure to provide your criteria for interpretation beforehand so that your readers will understand your thinking. When you build your presentation, you will need to use some very specific examples to prove every point you make. As presentation and interpretation are in essence two different parts of your paper, they must follow the same pattern.

Make sure you hypothesis is tested and you come to a conclusion of your answer based on cultural description. Which should tell the story of what you observed, quite simply describe what occurred during your participant observations – you may want to select a few specific events to describe rather than try to describe every single thing, engagement with anthropological concepts.

Use the vocabulary of the course, and terminology to explain what you observe; when relevant or fitting to your research.
* Society
* Gender


In the final paragraph of your research paper, you need to reiterate the most important points. Try to present them in an original way so that your conclusion doesn’t look like a reversed introduction. You must also explain how your research affects the field of study as a whole. However, be careful not to introduce any new ideas in this final section.