Applying Strategic Communication Tactics

a paper of approximately 750 words that will include three separate
writing projects as detailed below. These should be prepared in one (1)
Word document using the West Assignment Template and include the
appropriate cover page.

  • Project 1: Revise the sample email to Martha Reeves in the Chapter 6 Application (1) and make the changes as noted in the instructions. Consider how Ms. Reeves may interpret your letter as you create the proper tone and include the applicable information.
  • Project 2: Write two elements: Create the “bad news letter” as described in Chapter 6 Application (2). Also write a brief (100 word) explanation of why you selected the content and tone of your letter. Be sure to showcase your skills in applying what we have learned so far in using the strategic communication model.
  • Project 3: Apply your understanding of DISC and write four versions of your responses along with a brief explanation:

    You will complete Chapter 6 Application (3), but in a modified

    fashion. You will prepare four different persuasive forms of

    communication to your boss with each one assuming that your boss is

    either a D, I, S, or C personality type based on our DISC assessment

    formula. Depending upon the personality type, select the appropriate channel and context

    for your approach. If your best approach is face-to-face, then explain

    your considerations of place, time, talking points, body language, etc.,

    for your face-to-face meeting. If your best approach is written,

    please include all necessary elements such as lists or charts. With each

    of the four approaches, please briefly explain your strategic

    considerations for communicating with a D,I,S, and C.